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An elegant specter of a man. Great yet ephemeral, much like a tall sapling, the pallor of his skin contrasts with dark clothing and hair black as ink. His face, like a pale mask, bears the idyllic suggestion of nobility, but it is also marred with the marks of chronic fatigue and an old injury. Dec 19, 2019 · Castle Ward. The Font of Knowledge: Temple to Oghma.Founded in 1368 DR, with expansive patronage by House Estelmer, the Font of Knowledge houses the largest library in Waterdeep, and most of the North (save Silverymoon), an archive which is open to the public (with the gentle guidance of the temple's clergy-sages). At the height of its power, the elven court of Queen Emerelle revels in the joyful Festival of Light. Yet, as tribes gather to reaffirm their loyalty to the queen, treachery festers within the nobility. An assassination attempt leaves Emerelle severely injured and plunges the realm back into the throes of an ancient war.