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determine if your vehicle has ASR, check the instrument cluster. Models with ASR will have an illuminated yellow warning triangle in the top/center of the speedometer. Models without ASR have a CC/ISC (Cruise Control / Idle Speed Control) module, N4/3, which controls the CC/ISC actuator (M16/2). The ABS control module is N30. abs. int abs (int n); int abs ( int n);long int abs (long int n); int abs ( int n); long int abs ( long int n);long long int abs (long long int n); Absolute value. Returns the absolute value of parameter n( /n/). In C++, this function is also overloaded in header <cmath>for floating-point types (see cmath abs), in header <complex>for complex numbers (see complex abs), and in header <valarray>for valarrays (see valarray abs). Initializing the module package.json and test directory. As we do with all Node.js projects, we first use npm init or yarn init to initialize the directory, and do other initialization. What we're initializing is a module to handle the database for this conceptualized University Registrar application.We demonstrated how to test the abs brake module pump on BMW but the procedure will work on many vehicles.