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Incredibly strong formula expands 3-4x so a little glue goes a long way. 100% waterproof so it won't break down when exposed to moisture. Temperature resistant so glue is unaffected by extreme heat or cold. Versatile for most household fixes and building repairs; indoors or outdoors. The crayon makes regular paper waterproof, but whether or not the edges will lift eventually depends on the type of glue you use, not the crayon and its waterproofing skills. If you use a really strong glue, it shouldn’t lift. We recommend wearing gloves or spreading the glue with a disposable brush. In some instances, Gorilla Glue can be a skin sensitizer. If you are predisposed to skin reactions, please take the extra precaution. If you do get the glue on your skin, try removing it with a dry cloth or paper towel first (particularly if the glue is still tacky). The Tacky Flydrophobic SD box not only keeps moisture outside of the box, but it’s also breathable, allowing any moisture inside to escape. Tacky’s patented waterproof breathable system is the first of its kind. A molded silicone insert with a trout color pattern holds 66 to 100 flies tight inside an extremely durable polycarbonate box.