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damagePerBlock is the amount of damage per block (per second) that a player will take once past the world border buffer. bufferSizeInBlock is the size of the world border buffer in blocks. seconds is the world border warning time. It is the number of seconds that a warning message will appear before the world border moves past a player's position. Using Skyblock Addons by Biscuit, they have a Zealot counter that lets you see how many Zealots you've killed since your last eye. However, it only tracks melee kills (for example, with a Raider's Axe).Same with me my skill points are 61 in pyshical damage and 26 in stamina and 0 in spell power and I'm level 92 and I do around 400k damage with a... Damage broken edited by FIRE2000S Multiplier: Level 96 (x5) Level: 96.44 Karma: 41,056 Achievement Points: 5,370 Quests Completed: 21 Firstlogin: 2014-10-14 12:37 EDT Lastlogin: 2020-12-26 05:57 EST Friends: 2 SkyBlock Stats Status O ffline