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Example calculations for a single length of storm sewer between two manholes will be performed and an example of calculations between successive manholes will be done using Excel. Storm sewers are widely used to carry away runoff from storms, primarily in urban areas. The hydraulic design begins after the locations of the manholes for the ... During rain and storm water events the plant can handle a flow of 36 MGD peak and 34 MGD sustained. The design detention time for the plant is 12.8 hours in the summer and 14.8 hours in the winter. The Wastewater Treatment Plant has an average removal rate of 97% for TSS, 98% for C-BOD, and 98% for Ammonia. Jul 27, 2014 · An optimization procedure has been developed for branching storm and sanitary sewer systems with a pre-determined layout for determining the minimum total cost. The model was developed within Microsoft Excel using simulated annealing as the optimization procedure. The total cost of the storm sewer system that was obtained with this optimal design procedure was compared to the total cost of the ...