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Meaning if you set the position to (0, 0, 0), a child gameObject will get positioned in the dead center of the parent gameObject, not the screen. In our case, if you remember from the last tutorial , we added the code the instantiate a new fireball everytime the spacebar is hit, in the script attached to Shooting Savi game object. Child 3 is a child GameObject of Child 2, and a descendant GameObject of Parent. Click a parent GameObject's drop-down arrow (on the left-hand side of its name) to show or hide its children. Hold down the Alt key while clicking the drop-down arrow to toggle visibility of all descendant GameObjects of the parent, in addition to the immediate ...i created prefab with one parent object and 7 child objects..My requirement is i have to remove whole particular object when user touched any child object and i have to replace one object to that hit point.. am using Destroy(hit.transform.parent.gameObject) removes object when object is touched...